PSDR Standard Hangers (Set of 50)
PSDR Standard Hangers (Set of 50)
PSDR Standard Hangers (Set of 50)
PSDR Standard Hangers (Set of 50)
PSDR Standard Hangers (Set of 50)

PSDR Standard Hangers (Set of 50)

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These heavy-duty metal hangers eliminate the annoying and costly failure of wooden clothes hangers. They are custom-fit to the size of the ProDryingRack SD (PSDR) Series poles for minimum swing, allowing you to hang cabinet doors and parts closer together. The PSDR's 18 feet of drying line is enough space for drying up to 50 cabinet doors.

The PSDR Series with EFC Hinge Hooks provides perfect and completely unmarred surface results. EFC's are placed in the cup holes and then fit over one of PaintLine's hangers for "all-sides" spraying and drying. Cup-hooks can also be screwed into the tops and bottoms of cabinet doors to be hung and sprayed.

After painting on the spinner assembly, the door on the hanger is simply transferred over to the drying line where it will hang until ready for door hardware and installation.

  • Quantity: 50 Standard Hangers
  • Material: Powder-coated steel
  • Color: Orange


Customer Reviews

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Psdr hanger


Thomas Blankinship
Great hangers

these hangers are nice and sturdy. They work great and the shipping was fast.

Arnold Steinlage
Just Hung UP!

Nice design. Could use a wider version since I spray a lot of furniture/chairs, install cup kooks on end of 2 legs.
Keep the Creativity coming!

Thanks Arnold... we're working on it!

David Clark

They work great, exactly as described. We already have 2 of the systems but needed a few more hangers. The entire system is awesome and has helped with our floor space tremendously.

Steve Beaudrot
PSDR Hangers

As I am using the hangers I purchased, I am quite pleased with the quality. I have sprayed about 20 doors and drawers with different dimensions and the hangers are working as designed. I had to place some zip ties on the hangers to keep the cup hooks from sliding, not a show stopper for me.. Paintline offers a 36 inch hanger with a wave pattern that fixes this, but for me 36 in is very long. As things develop, If possible I think a few suggestions would make this the perfect item. 1. Is smaller quantities of hangers available for smaller shops like mine, i.e groups of 10. 2. is increasing the length to 12 inches and incorporating the wave pattern. 3. is increasing the distance between the horizontal parallel bars, I have small hands and find moving the doors from the spraying area to the drying area a bit challenging. Overall I am pleased with the hangers. I have call Paintline to ask questions, in which they where great at answering. I think they are a great company and have good products.

Hi Steve... appreciate your input. One tip you might consider on the sliding cup hooks issue is to run painters tape and across both sides of the hanger then poke the cup hooks through the tape. Of course, if the part is large enough you can space the hooks at 10' so they can't slide. Thanks again for your thoughts!

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